At an accommodation agency { page 166 – unit 46 }

At an accommodation agency

MARTIN: Good morning. My name is Martin Nelson. Are you the manager?
MANAGER: Yes, I am. How can I help you, Mr Nelson?
MARTIN: I want an apartment in central London.
MANAGER: Certainly, Mr Nelson. How much rent do you want to pay?
MARTIN: No more than 1,000 a month
MANAGER: 1,000 a month? We don’t often have apartments as inexpensive as that. Not in central London. We have one apartment for 2,179 a month in Notting Hill. It’s down near the station in Northend Avenue.
MARTIN: Is it furnished?
MANAGER: No. lt’s unfurnished. The kitchen has no oven. It’s forbidden to use the . No friends in the apartment after eleven in the evening. No noise and no television after 11.15 pm No…
MARTIN: No thank you! I want an apartment, not a prison!

Mum’s muffins { page 163 – unit 45 }

Mum’s muffins

MALCOLM: Mum, may Tim Mitcham come home with me for tea tomorrow?

MRS MACCALLUM: Of course, Malcolm. Have I met Tim before?

MALCOLM: You met him in the summer. He’s very small.

MRS MACCALLUM: Oh, yes. I remember Tim. He’s very smart. And he has charming manners. Does his family come from Cambridge?

MALCOLM: Yes. And… Oh, Mum! Will you make some home-made muffins, tomorrow?

MRS MACCALLUM: Mm. Maybe. If I have time.

MALCOLM: I told Tim about your muffins, Mum. That’s why he’s coming for tea tomorrow.