Dialogos de Fonética de primero (Casareski)

Guys, an splendid idea that a partner gave me was to listen to the dialogs in the cellphone itself.

Great idea don’t you think?

Here you have the EIGHTEEN dialogs.

— page 83 – unit 23 – Passports please (80 – B80)

Passports please


— page 87 – unit 24 – Happy birthday (87 – B87)

Happy birthday


— page 91 – unit 25 – In a department store (93 – B93)

In a department store


— page 95 – unit 26 – A damaged telephone line (06 – C6)

A damaged telephone line


— page 99 – unit 27 – The cuckoo clock (11 – C11)

The cuckoo clock


— page 103 – unit 28 – Craig and Maggie’s answering machine (17 – C17)

Craig and Maggie’s answering machine


— page 108 – unit 30 – It’s expensive (23 – C23)

It’s expensive


— page 112 – unit 31 – Surprises  in the post office (30 – C30)

Surprises  in the post office


— page 116 – unit 32 – A special washing machine (36 – C36)

A special washing machine


— page 122 – unit 34 – At the butcher’s shop (46 – C46)

At the butcher’s shop


— page 126 – unit 35 – A dangerous bridge (53 – C53)

A dangerous bridge


— page 133 – unit 37 – A funny photographer (63 – C63)

A funny photographer


— page 137 – unit 38 – A fine view (71 – C71)

A fine view


— page 140 – unit 39 – A walk in the woods (06 – D6)

A walk in the woods


— page 144 – unit 40 – Not so stupid (14 – D14)

Not so stupid


— page 149 – unit 41 – A horrible accident (21 – D21)

A horrible accident


— page 153 – unit 42 – Gossips (32 – D32)



— page 157 – unit 43 – The hat in the window (41 – D41)

The hat in the window


African-American history

Hi there guys. I would like to share with you some information that might be useful for you to know more about the African-American citizens.

In this link, you would find a really extensive “Black history timeline”


You will get to know how the first African slaves were brought to USA, how all started and how all continued up to almost the present.

There are also some links that takes you to different sections such as Videos (you will find videos on Martin Luther King, Jr, Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin to name a few), Photos (with diverse topics such as African-American Firsts Athletes, Black Comedians and so on), Study Guides (in here you will find background information, activity ideas, and discussion questions about people who were inspirational for the wolrdwide culture) and a game that was really hard for me because I lack the necessary historical information about African-American people.

In summary, this webpage it’s amazingly outstanding for educational purposes!


SOURCE: http://www.biography.com/

Claudia Ferradas

Here some information about Claudia Ferradas on the oncoming conference in Argentina

Claudia is an experienced presenter and ELT author who travels the world as a teacher educator. She has run training sessions and participated in conferences in South America, the Caribbean, the USA, Europe and South East Asia.  She holds an MA in Education and Professional Development from the University of East Anglia, UK, and a PhD in English Studies from the University of Nottingham.  In Argentina, where she is based, she is a lecturer at the Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas and the Instituto Superior del Profesorado “Joaquín V. González”, Buenos Aires, and in the MA programme in Literatures in English at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza. In the UK, Claudia is a Visiting Fellow and research supervisor at the School of Languages, Leeds Metropolitan University, and an Associate Trainer with NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education). She also teaches in the “Máster Oficial en Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera” at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Spain.

Claudia often works as a consultant, materials designer and facilitator for the British Council and has co-chaired the Oxford Conference on the Teaching of Literature on five occasions. She has also worked as Project Manager for the Penguin Active Readers Teacher Support Programme.


and also a video so we can peek the way she talks and the variety in her vocabulary (which it is extensive, by the way)